COVID-19 Policy

Trilogy Repertory’s primary concern is for the health and safety of our cast, crew, and audiences. The Trilogy Board has adopted the following policy, which is subject to change in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines, as well as individual performance location requirements. Please note: Fellowship Cultural Arts Center (FCAC), which serves as Trilogy’s primary indoor performance space, has its own vaccination and masking policies that may differ from local, state, and/or federal guidance as well as Trilogy’s general policies regarding vaccinations and masks. If you perform in or attend shows at FCAC, you will need to comply with their policies. 

Cast and Crew:

For auditions, Trilogy requires proof of vaccination (or proof of religious/medical exemption) and, during group auditions, masking at all times. For auditions, the director and/or performer(s) may remove their masks, but only if the indoor space permits it. 

For indoor rehearsals and performances (other than at FCAC), all cast and crew members strongly are encouraged to be masked when not on stage. Note, however, that everyone must follow the indoor facility’s requirements if they differ from this policy. For example, if a library has a mask mandate for children’s theatre, then all cast, crew, and audience members must comply with that mandate. 

For outdoor rehearsals and performances, all cast and crew members have the option to wear masks. That said, everyone must follow the outdoor facility’s mask and distancing policy if one is in place. 

Audience Members:

For indoor performances, all audience members must follow the venue-specific vaccination and mask requirements. Trilogy will include any venue-specific requirements in its PR and website/social media postings, but audience members ultimately are responsible for knowing that information, which also is available on the venue website. 

For outdoor performances, all audience members have the option of wearing masks. Keep in mind that some performances may have hundreds of spectators in the audience, and since no vaccinations are required for outdoor performances, it is up to audience members to decide whether to wear masks and to practice social distancing. Trilogy is not responsible for enforcing outdoor masking and distancing.