Trilogy Repertory


Mission Statement

Trilogy Repertory provides area residents with rewarding opportunities to participate in all aspects of theater performance and production.


Our purpose is to nurture and celebrate artistic expression through the experience of live theater.

Each season, Trilogy presents a fall and spring show and traveling children’s participation theater performed at local libraries. In the summer, two shows are produced in conjunction with the Bernards Township Department of Parks and Recreation. During the school year, Trilogy conducts a Theater Workshop Day that teaches basic theater skills to Girl Scouts. Over 5,000 scouts have qualified for their Theater Merit Badges through this program.

Trilogy conducts theater and costume workshops at museums and local schools. The organization also works closely with the Ridge High School Drama Club. Costumes from Trilogy’s extensive collection have been made available to countless schools and organizations.

A Brief History

Trilogy Repertory was founded in 1981 to bring together theater, community and schools. Trilogy worked to present theater works not often seen and projects by new directors and playwrights in our area. The first two productions took place in the gym at Liberty Corner School. The group soon moved into the new Little Theater created at Ridge High School. The next 16 years were spent improving the Little Theater and producing plays in that space. Trilogy worked closely with Ridge High School and a close partnership of shared materials and knowledge developed to provide quality theater for the Community.

In 1985, Trilogy Repertory was approached by the Bernards Township Department of Parks and Recreation to produce a musical in the amphitheater in Pleasant Valley Park. This joint venture has grown from three performances to an award-winning season that includes both a full-scale musical and a classical production.

In 1999, Ridge High School closed the Little Theater; Trilogy has sought a new home since that time. Plays in the Park, Children’s Participation Theater, and Cabaret productions are still performed. With the continued support of the community, Trilogy Repertory is moving forward to establish a permanent home for live theater in the Somerset Hills. The new Cultural Arts Center at Fellowship Village Senior Living will be completed in Spring of 2019 and will serve as Trilogy’s new space for indoor theater productions, which will complement the excellent “Plays in the Park” outdoor productions.

Trilogy Repertory – Board of Directors                         

Jaye Barre: President

Hank Barre: Treasurer/Theater Development/Nominating Committee

Ginny Beutnagel: Fundraising and Special Events

Adam Barr: Communications and Marketing

Peter Curley: Children’s Theater and Nominating Committee

Michael DePrima: Special Events and Outreach

Lisa Gunn-Becker: Board Secretary and Fundraising

Matt Marino: Webmaster and Social Media Coordinator

Christian Winans: Special Events and Outreach

Mike Wolff: Production Technical Coordinator